Maria Forde

Maria FordeDate: Friday 23 March
Time: 7.30pm to 9.30pm
Venue: Wyreena Music Cafe
Cost: $30 (includes supper)

As an Irish/Australian, Maria Forde has always embraced both sides of her heritage in her music and writing.

Incorporating the sweet melodies that are the trademark of Irish music together with references to Australian culture, Maria has blossomed into one of Australia’s premier songwriters.

Her most recent album “Little Black Rose” bears testament to Maria’s endless quest to improve her musicianship, her song writing craft and the desire to communicate to her listeners.

Already blessed with an angelic voice, Maria has grown into a masterful interpreter of her own material, able to totally connect the lyrics of her songs with the emotion of the melody and harmonies, setting her apart from so many other singer/songwriters.

Maria has performed to full houses at the Wyreena Music Cafe over many years and will delight the audience again this March.

“Maria Forde is a fine singer and a gifted songwriter. Like all good songwriters, her lyrics often reflect an understanding of, and compassion for, the human condition with all its bright peaks and dark corners.”
- Eric Bogle

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