The Arts Lounge Exhibition

Wednesday 4 July to Saturday 1 September

Marja-Leena Montonen

Marja-Lenna Is a Finnish, Swedish, Australian Artist/Creator who paints in acrylic. Her style is dreamy as well as having lots of details and colour.

“My art is not about reality, but it is not about fantasy either. It is how I wish everything was. A little bit more amazement and less of a stiffy, boring reality. The source of my pictures comes from curiosity. Through my art, I want to express things and moments that the audience, can stop and stare at, and just forget everything else for a moment while they become curious and engaged with what is going on.”

Liezel Van Der Linde

Liezel grew up as the daughter of a South African artist, teacher, and potter. Specialising in oil and mixed media, her work has been exhibited in South Africa with two exhibitions in 2010. Liezel moved to Melbourne in 2010 where she has been part of various exhibitions and art- related events. She has worked extensively as an art teacher and we are proud to say has even taught Contemporary Art at Wyreena! Liezel’s latest interest is as a tattoo artist where she is pushing her skills into new directions.

Tracie Grimwood

Tracie is a local based Maroondah illustrator and artist. She has produced illustrations for a range of clients both nationally and internationally and has designed and illustrated dozens of books and book covers for a variety of publishers. Tracie is known for her emotive and whimisical work which is both delicate and displays a rich sense of colour and texture. She has developed her personal art practice to further explore her connection with the natural world and her interest in anthropology and history, drawing on themes from myths and folk tales.

Featured Artists in The Maker’s Windows:

  • Beatrix Mol - Jewellery
  • Jean Fredericks - Jewellery
  • Juliet Widdows - Ceramics
  • Kirstin Hibbs - Journals
  • Michelle Steenhuizen - Pebble art