Arts Lounge Exhibition

Wednesday 2 May – Saturday 23 June

Artworks by Sharron Okines, Gillian Nix and Kate Bond.

Sharron Okines

Sharron OkinesArtist statement

"Translating vintage op shop treasures through my work constructs my imagined family history.

As a migrant child, these are the everyday “Kitchenalia” I dream belonged in my Grandmothers’ and Great Aunts’ kitchens. Memory, love, loss - each object feels like an homage to my unknown elders.

Whilst making this series I discovered that my mother actually has some glass pieces that were her mothers, grandmothers and aunts. It wasn’t imagined after all. More recently, friends have been sharing their special pieces and associated memories of their loved ones, which I now incorporate into the titles.”

Kate Bond

Kate Bond Artist Statement

The Tour D' France
“These paintings are inspired by a gruelling three weeks of determination by teams of riders, its challenges, triumphs and mental strength needed to keep going … one turn of the wheel after another …

Professional to the end, the teams involved, the public mad for more, support crew and management, create an unforgettable setting for a spectacular drama played over more than three thousand kilometres.”


Gillian Nix

Gillian NixArtist Statement

“My love of lino relief printmaking started when I was studying to become an Art Teacher in Scotland.

The technique had me totally hooked from the first print I made.

The hypnotic carving, rhythmical process, rich history and importance of drawing are all really attractive to me.

Over the last 8 or so years, I have continued to work with lino printing and continue to be in love with it and the visual possibilities.

I seek inspiration from a wide range of sources, and in particular folk art, patterns, textures, story-telling, music, cinema and books that I read.”