The creative legacy of Edna Walling

Tuesday 19 September to Sunday 12 November

Artists: Sam Cox, Heather Hesterman, Christopher Köller and Rebecca Mayo.

Exhibition opening

Official Opening by the Mayor of Maroondah Cr Tony Dib, JP, with guest speakers - Edna Walling’s niece Sue Burston, and Anne Latreille, author of books on landscape and garden designers including Edna Walling.

Date: Saturday 21 October
Time: 3pm to 4.30pm
Venue: ArtSpace at Realm

About the exhibition

Edna WallingThe creative legacy of Edna Walling presents the work of four artists whose work draws its inspiration from the life and design practice of Edna Walling, Australia’s most famous landscape gardener.

Each artist has been commissioned to produce works for this exhibition which explores the influence of this amazing woman on many current ideas in landscape design, conservation, and urban development.

Edna Walling was Australia’s most prolific garden designer between the 1920s and the 1950s and one of the earliest people to reference issues around conservation and the environmental impact of large scale roadway developments. As Edna’s knowledge and experience of the Australia landscape grew, so did her passion for native Australian plants. As one of the earliest proponents of the Australian bush garden, roadside verges and nature strips, her influence on contemporary landscape design is still significant and strongly felt.

About the artists

Heather Hesterman

Heather Hesterman is a Melbourne based interdisciplinary artist working with installation, print-based media, community, education and landscape design. Her recent works explore our interactions with both natural and built sites within the context of climate change and environmentalism. Her recent residency utilised scientific data to create a visual process that showed the potential sea level rises for 2100, if temperatures and carbon levels were not reduced.

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Rebecca Mayo

Rebecca Mayo creates beautiful dyes and textiles sourced from urban and ecologically significant sites as part of her artistic practice. Extracting dye from plants gathered from urban restoration sites she creates textiles that comment on the connection between sustainable practices, local ecologies and human interaction with the environment. Her most recent solo exhibition at Heide Museum of Modern Art Gallery formed part of the Art Climate Change festival in 2017 and explored the history of the site using dyes made from indigenous and introduced plants.

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Sam Cox

Sam Cox designs and builds native gardens in the Australian natural style pioneered by Ellis 'Rocky' Stones and Gordon Ford . He is known for using soft edges, boulder outcrops, natural ponds, and native plants as part of his designs and is passionate about advancing the tradition of the natural garden in the field of Australian landscape design.

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Christopher Köller

Christopher Köller is a Melbourne based artist who has exhibited extensively in Australia and internationally. Since the 1980’s he has used a modified plastic analog camera to document famous gardens around the world.

Utilising the unpredictable visual effects of this amateur photographic tool. he creates images that reverberate like memories or dreams. Köller continues to explore the meditative quality of nature arranged and controlled by designers and gardeners.

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